Call campaign feature is Exotel's equivalent of OBD or outbound dialler or predictive dialer. OBD is typically found in call center & telemarketing softwares. As the name suggests, You can conduct an outbound call campaign using this feature. The principle is that you will point a list of numbers to a group in your account and when an agent in the group clicks the "start" button (indicating that he is free to take calls), the system will first call the agent and after he picks up, will start calling numbers that haven't yet been called. Using the OBD remote (more details below), agent can now control whether the call should continue or if the system should  move on to the next number. Using Call Campaign, You can now reduce the time taken to call a lot of numbers significantly (over 50%!)

Here is how:

Click on the "Campaigns" tab on the left and the "Call" button on the right to create a campaign. You will see a form like this:

All entries are mandatory. You will need to fill:

A campaign name: Something that will help you recall to whom & why you did this call campaign. Some examples would be "Negative balance reminder for August" or "Diwali wishes to all customers".


The List you want to pick up numbers from. You need to have created the list prior to starting the campaign. This list has your customer's numbers to which we are going to place a call.


This is the group that has your agents or employees who are going to talk to the numbers in the list. Create a group called "OBD group" prior to creating the campaign.

Caller ID:

Is the phone number using which the call needs to be placed to your customer. Let's say your customer does not pick up the call he got because of your campaign, it will typically show up as a missed call on his phone. Many of them will now call the number back to find out who called them in the first place. This is now an incoming call and the system will connect the call based on what the app that is configured on the number. For ex: You can now install the zero app on this number and connect it to the same (OBD) group. If you have app builder enabled on your system, more complicated things are also possible.

Call Type

Currently, only transactional calls are possible. In due course, exotel will introduce promotional calling as well. Read more about who all you can call using the transactional call type.

On Clicking "Add", You will now be taken to the campaign details page. If you are part of the "OBD group" to which we connected this campaign, You will also see a "Start button" on the top right. Other members of the OBD group will also receive an email & SMS intimation.

This page shows the 10 phone numbers that you will be calling on pressing Start. On "Start"ing, the system will dial you first and then will started calling numbers in the list. The "Status" field above which change to "In progress" if you are currently talking to that number and after completion, will disappear from the page. Another new number from the list will appear at the bottom and so on.

OBD remote

Just like the incoming call popup, Outbound dialler also has a popup window that appears in the bottom right if you are logged into Exotel. This serves two purposes:

1) It shows the name (or number) of the person (assuming it is present in the addressbook) you are trying to call, so as soon as the called party picks up the person, you can greet him by his name.

2) One of the critical places to save time during a call campaign is when we know that the other party is: a) busy on another call or b) We hear that the number is temporarily disconnected or c) He cancelled the call or d) The call is being forwarded to another number etc. For such calls, we could use the "NEXT" button the OBD remote to quickly move to the next number. On pressing "next" - the number will be added to the "retry list" and the system will attempt calling this number  one more time.


The campaigns page will also show the latest statistics from this campaign. For ex:

New - The numbers that are yet to called.

DND - Numbers that cannot be called because the are in the NDNC registry and is also not whitelisted in your account

Retry - If on first attempt, the caller did not pick up the call (or disconnected it), this number will be added to the "Retry" list. Once all the numbers in the list are finished, the campaigner will begin to pickup numbers from the "retry" list and start calling them. If the person does not pick up in this attempt as well, the call will be added to the "Failed" list and will not be re-tried again.

In-Progress - Numbers to whom your agents are currently talking to

Retrying - "Retry" Numbers to whom your agents are currently talking to

Completed - Numbers that we have successfully connected and one of your agents talked to

Failed - Numbers that failed because number is invalid, unreachable etc.

Unknown - Numbers in other unknown states (that is, we don't know what happened to that call!)

Ending the campaign

If you are an admin - You have the choice of deleting the campaign any time after creation until there is no more "New" or "Retry" number. If there are no New or Retry numbers, then the campaign is deemed complete and hence, there is nothing to delete.

Individually - The agent can stop the campaign simply by hanging up the call on his phone. He can click the "Start" button anytime and the campaign will start from the next available number.

Please note:

  1. Agent, on receiving the call will hear "Please wait. You are being connected to the campaign".
  2. Retry is just 1. There is no way to, for instance, retry twice. 
  3. One line item will appear in your inbox and it will say "outbound call from system to the agent". Details of the numbers called in this call will not appear in the inbox.
  4. Once started, changing, adding or deleting numbers in the list will not change, add or delete the number in the campaign. That is - A copy of your list is taken for the purposes of campaign and so, no further changes are possible on the list.
  5. On the other hand, You can add or delete agents from the group to which you have pointed the campaign even after the campaign has started.