Every business that works with Exotel, irrespective of the size or nature of their business, wants to ensure one thing – never miss a customer call.

We are a cloud provider and upgrading capacity is a part & parcel of our everyday operations.

The Cloud relies on sharing of resources to achieve economies of scale. Exotel shares telephony resources intelligently between clients. But if you looking at prioritizing the Calls and SMS on your account we have the Reliability pro pack

What is a Reliability pro pack?
We prioritize the calls and SMS in your account and make sure you will not be Affected by channel capacity or downtime issues.

What happens if you face connectivity issues even after buying Reliability pro pack?
We will compensate your loss of connectivity.

How does this work?
To prioritizing the Calls and SMS on your account there will be cost involved over and above the existing call rates. You will need to pay-up the extra cost

Why and who should buy Reliability pro pack?

Every call or SMS is important for a business, but some of Business uses us for mission critical operations.

For example generating a onetime passcode while registering on your website or making a verification call to validate the number.

If you think you business falls under this category ,feel free to to call us on 08088919888 or write to us at hello@exotel.in to know more about this .