Once you have added a phone number in the 'My Phone number' tab – you are ready to make outbound calls.

  1. Click on 'Call' button (for landline numbers please enter the STD code as well) and click 'Call'
  2. The system will first call you on the number you have entered as 'Your Phone Number'
  3. Pick that call & the system will call the person whose number you entered. Once they pick up, both of you can talk. The conversation is recorded and stored in the Inbox just like all other calls
  4. You also have the option of calling a number and connecting the number to an App. To do that, enter the number, go to the 'Advanced+' section and choose the App in the 'Connect To' section and the click 'Call'
  5. If you have more than one Exotel number, you can also choose the number from where you want to make the call. Once chosen - That number will now become your default until you change it once again.
  6. Transactional/Promotional option may not be available in all accounts.